P-9 “Miss Suncoast”

P-9 Miss Suncoast driver and co-driver
Driver Scott Schatz and Co-Pilot Mick Schatz
P-9 Miss Suncoast driver, co-driver, owner
Co-Pilot Jeff Hanson, model, Driver Scott Schatz and Ed Solis
P-9 wipeout P-9 Miss Suncoast

P-9 Accomplishments:
2002 sportsman of the year
2006 completed 18 races with 7 heat victories w/ 5 top 5 finishes
2006 finished 2nd place in APBA high points
2006 Best achievement award
2007 completed 21 races with 12 heat victories, 12 top 3 finishes, 4 top 5 finishes
2007 finished 2nd place in APBA high points
2007 sportsman of the year award
2008, 2011, 2012 and 2016  high points national champions



Longbeach boat racing weekend P-9 Miss Suncoast
Longbeach boat racing weekend!


P-9 Miss Suncoast
San Diego race